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All nerves in human's body are connected to the foot. For a long time, foot is considered as the second heart because foot muscle supports blood circulation of the whole body.

After a stressful business day and lots of travel for work, your feet get aches, pains and make you walk hard.

To help customers relieve those things, Van Xuan Foot Massage takes care of your foot with professional foot massage and point acupuncture combined with foot soaking in Chinese herbs or herbal remedy service which makes your foot gentle, painless and freshen your mind.

Each part on your body is connected to a point on the sole of foot, by massage techniques; massagists in Van Xuan Foot massage exert all functions such as digestion, excretion, etc. If the foot is strong, the body is strong, too. Point acupuncture on the foot’s sole eases blood stream and circulation to the heart.


Foot massage helps balance the operation of lymph nodes, dissipate water in foot, avoid swell in foot and prevent toes and ligament myasthenia due to too tight shoes or too much use of high-heel shoes. Sitting or lying comfortably for massage is also the time for the foot to rest. Moreover, this is the moment of dhyana in absolute relaxation for your mind and body.

Foot massage makes blood circulation easy and creates a comfort and relaxed feeling for you.

After getting foot massage, you can be free from some diseases related to your foot such as foot malodor and athlete's foot, etc.

Thanks to massage, you can wear fashionable high-heel shoes everyday with no fear of foot malformation such as corn on sole of foot, foot dislocation, cramp and it also helps your blood circulation.


Customers shall get foot soak in Chinese herb, dead skin cells removing and natural herbal remedy massage. The first 15 minutes is the most important step. Foot soak in Chinese herb slackens foot muscles and cells so that it is easier for them to receive as much effect of massage as possible.

Next, staffs shall practice massage and point acupuncture for the food. This is the moment when spots can "rest", recover and make customers feel relaxed.


With 70, 90 and 120-minute-long massage packages, you shall have a smooth feet and comfortable feeling.


Come to Van Xuan Foot massage to enjoy the most wonderful resting moment.

Steps of

Foot massage

Step 1: Foot soak in Chinese herbs

Chinese herbs helps reproduce skin cells, stand senescence, make the skin more elastic and remove black pigment on the skin and get rid of bad smell due to wearing the shoes so often.

Step 2: Head, Shoulder, neck, arm massage

During soaking in Chinese herbs, you shall get gentle massage which support blood circulation and help absorbing nutrilite of Chinese herbs faster. Blood circulation in your feet will be improved as well as released from aches.

Step 3: Foot massage and point acupuncture

This step help increase the energy in the body through the deep and strong stimulation on spots and essential muscles.

Step 4: Back massage and point acupuncture

This step help you regain the necessary balance, reenergize and support you for long working days later.

Step 5: Hot water foot wipe

This step creates healthy stimulation, excites nerve roots, improves memory and brings smooth and relaxed mood.