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Van Xuan Foot Massage

Since its establishment on July 1st, 2001, Van Xuan Foot Massage has been claiming its trademark in the area of spa with two awards "Certificate of Excellence" voted by Vietnam Economic Times in two successive years.

Massage is among health caring forms which have their origin from ancient time. However, when massaging, people tend to focus on visible parts of the body such as skin, lips. Feet, the part which has the most influence on the health, are left behind. Especially, to women in modern days who have to wear high-heels shoes or do jobs requiring lots of traveling, their feet get aches and pains. That will lay an impact on their sleep, comfort mood and health.

According to Chinese medicine, each part of the body is represented by a certain area on foot’s sole. Each foot has approximately 7,000 heads of nerve which are closely connected to the organs. Therefore, foot massage is the method to not only perfect majestic heels but also indirectly care your health.

Van Xuan has always been preserving the secret of foot massage from the teacher of Chinese descent origin and its distinctive style. For that achievement, the important thing lies in the recruitment. Van Xuan does not recruit experienced persons but purely new ones and put them in a professional training course. This helps avoiding the difference in techniques of each employee that may annoy customers.

Coming to Van Xuan Foot Massage, you shall enjoy unique packages of foot massage, point acupuncture which can strengthen your feet, remove the tiredness, restore the stream of energy and consolidate your health.

A tranquil, pleasant place separated from the gross lifeline will bring the customers absolute comfort and relaxation.